Governing Body

This is the college body of the municipal executive government. It cooperates with the function of political direction with the mayor and it exercises the executive and administrative directions in the local regime law and in the organic regulations of the government and the administration of Olvera City Council.

Composition and Nomination

The Mayor assumes the presidency of the Local Government Council and divides freely the rest of the members, whose number cannot exceed a third part of the legal members of the Corporation. The Mayor can name members of the cited body to persons who do not hold the condition of city councilor.

The Local Government Council is actually formed by:

      Don Francisco Párraga Rodríguez.

      Doña Rocio Puertas Sánchez.

      Don Ramón Nuñez Nuñez.

      Doña  Eva Vilchez Maqueda.

      Doña Silvia Escot Rodríguez.