The Mayor

He presides over the Corporation and holds the maximum representation of the Township. He is responsible of the superior direction and coordination of the Government and the municipal administration.

His election is made in the Plenary by the absolute majority of the votes of the city councilors in the constitutive session of the Corporation. If any of them gets the absolute majority, it is proclaimed Mayor the city councilor who is on the top of the list and who gets the greatest number of votes in the township. In the event of a tied vote, it is resolved by raffle.

Within his responsibilities is that of establishing general directions of the action of the municipal government and to assure its continuality; as well as the organization and structure of the municipal Administration executive without loss of the competences attributed to the Plenary in terms of municipal organization.

In the exercise of his competences, the Mayor can approve proclamations and decrees, as well as to dictate instructions for directing the action of the municipal bodies in the ordinary performance of his competences.