The Public Municipal Library of Olvera is located in C/ Lepanto, nº 2 2ª planta.

This is a public service which main purpose is to be a referent of information in the autonomous region. We assume the responsibility to serve as a cultural and informative support and as a centre of access to the new techonology for the citizenship, institutions or enterprises, contributing so, to improve the efficiency of the cultural offer.


  1. To satisfy the needs of the citizenship, responding to their interests of information and cultural.
  2. To make the Public Municipal Library into a place of encounter and communication.
  3. To make the Public Municipal Library into an strategic place of the spread of knowledge, through the development of cultural activities and promoting the civic participation. 

Openin hours:

Mornings: From 10 am to 14 pm.

Afternoons: From 16.30 pm to 20.30 pm.

Summer: From 9 am to 14 pm.

Telephone: 956130602

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Services of the Public Municipal Library of Olvera

The Public Municipal Library of Olvera has as the main purpose to serve as a referent of information to the citizenship, satisfying the needs of the citizenship.

Our commitments:

  1. To provide inmediate information about access conditions, enquiry of funds and services that the Public Municipal Library offers.
  2. With the card application, you can use inmediately the loan service. The card will be freely handed over a maximum period of 24 hours.
  3. The loan is renewed personally, by telephone or by email, whenever the period is not over or oreserved by another person.
  4. To increase the collection annually a 5%.
  5. To offer annually at least 30 animation activities for reading and library extent.
  6. To answer the consults, complaints and suggestions in a maximum period of 10 working days.
  7. To offer the materials which aren’t available in the library through the acquisition or the inter-library loan.
  8. To process the inter-library loan requests in the period of 5 working days and to inform about the possible incidents.
  9. To process the loan applications of material acquisition in the period of 10 working days and to inform about the possible incidents.
  10. To adecuate the funds to the interests of the population. The library is committed to acquire the demanded materials whenerver they do respond to the general interests and there are funds for it.
  11. To offer Formation for Users of the population for the better use of the library services.
  12. To inform monthly about the programme of activities of the library for the population and the news.
  13. To pass the loans on to the address of those people who are ill or in any other special circumstances that deprives them of going to the library.
  14. To offer to the educative centres a programme of visits during the scholar course.
  15. To maintain a free access to the Internet with a minimum of 6 computers.
  16. To update the Community Information Service permanently and to ease the access to the citizenship and institutions.
  17. To train the library staff permanently in every field that improves the service they are serving to.