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The ocupational centre for disabled people of Olvera was founded 15th July in 1998, the day which was open with headquarters in Poligono Industrial 37, as a reponse for the needs of this group to ocupy their free time with activities aimed to improve the socio-labour integration.

Since the public initiative (Olver City Council) and based on the Association of Help to the Disabled of Olvera (Asamiol), the first move was made for building up this project, getting to become part of the Social Affairs Department of the Government of Andalucía, as register of entities, services and centres of social services, conceding us the operating license the day 10/12/2003.

Currently, we have got the Accreditation of Facilities (quality of services), which purpose is to pursue the entity owner of the Occupational Centre “TAOMI”, Olvera City Council, since we were given the Operating License. For this, the centre has architectonic resources regarding physic conditions according to the regulations of the Centres for the Disabled. On the other hand, it has been equipped with professional staff with Academic Qualifications which is required by the regulations, counting on: 1 Director (Occupational Therapy graduate), 1 Supervisor ( Special Teaching graduate), 1 Carer (Care Assistant), covering so the required ratio for the 13 users who have a place agreed, and as the centre would assign new users until covering the 25 positions, new staff will be hired until covering the above mentioned ratio

It is remarkable the 2 resources that cover the needs of the disabled in Olvera; on one hand, this Association of Help for the Disabled (Asimiol), which is a private service.

On the other hand, the Occupational Centre “TAOMI”, whose owner entity is Olvera City Council, framing it within the Social Services Specialized of the entity, having positions agreed with the Government of Andalucía and that provides cover for a group of disabled at a working age and their region, having over their scholar period.

The services of the Centre are:

-. Occupational Therapies (For this, the centre arranges some workshops in which items are made, mainly items of artistic design, bookbinding works, papel manipulation, like wedding invitations, personalized notebooks, festival decorations, decorative boxes, chinaware manipulation, including bride’s details).

-. Fitting and personal development (Reading-Writing workshop, Therapeutic Gymnastics, Calculus workshop, Adaptation to the Euro workshop, Hygiene workshop).

-. Transport service with accompaniment.

-. Canteen service. 

The basic goal is to get the socio-labour NORMALISATION of this group, both individually and collectively, through the activities created to this effect. 

With this initiative, we have got the most important part of the work in a Centre of our characteristics, that is, to improve the self-esteem and therefore, the self-concept of our users to finish getting the neccesary autonomy in the basic skills in the daily life activities, social behaviour and pre-labour. 

So, we don’t have to focus on what do we do? but on how do we do it? Autonomously, with adapted works to each person and in group, with respect to the rules, to the timetable, to the self and to the rest, valuing the available resources.

Finally, our most sincere grattitude to the neighbours of Olvera for the confidance that day to day they deposit in this initiative, collaborating with the purchase of our items, which gives place to our users regarding their work as productive and recognised by society. In addition, with the purchase benefits of these items, we have rewarded them with a bonus for each incentive. A 5-day trip, from 1st to 6th August to the locality of Sabinillas (Málaga), accomplishing so, the dream we were following a long time ago. Thank you.

Daniel Delgado Leo. Director of the Centre.



The Programme we are dealing with, is developed in the locality of Olvera, in a municipal establishment authorised to this effect in the industrial estate, which has been remodelled to habour the Occupational Centre for the Region, according to the established in the Order of 1st July 1997, by which it is regulated the accreditation of the Centre of Specialized Attention for the elderly and the disabled.

Its whole surface is 225 square metres approximately, distributed in a single floor in the following way:

     * Administration area: the direction officse is settled here with its own resources typical of an office.

     * Waiting room: Room adjacent to the administration.

     * Toilets and Changing room: Formed by 3 rooms, male and female toilets, and another toilet for the technical staff of the centre.

All of them are equipped according to the normative: showers and toilets have accessories like handles, shower benchs, leaning mirrors, etc…


     * Workshops room: where the therapeutic activities of hand-made nature are made. This room is formed by working tables, shelves for storing both, the materials needed for doing the activities and for the finished items, two water piles, a locker for cleaning material, water dispenser.

     *  Setting and personal development room: Room enabled for groupal and individual therapies. It has working tables and chairs, a blackboard, lockers for users, as well as rehabilitation material (finger ladder, pedaliers, Boholer table, different hardness putties, etc.).

The centre is close to a park situated in the environs of the House for the elderly, a service which is also municipal, where the canteen service of the centre is provided.