Youth Information

C/. Lepanto, 2. Casa de la Cultura, 2ª floor

Tel 956130602 Fax 956131390

Goals of Youth Information

  • To serve as a transition between the services for children and adults.
  • To act as consultanat and orientation to the youth from a personal frame.
  • To consolidate the library use as a system of information in the young population.
  • To guide the assimilation and comprehension of the information in any of their shapes, encouraging the permanent learning.
  • To offer information according to your needs and demands.

Youth Information Service Addressee

Perople who are between childhood and adulthood.

Fields of the Youth Information Service

  • Bibliographic funds (Novel)
  • Youth Information by topics:
  1. Leisure and Free Time
  2. Courses and Calls
  3. Employment and Formation
  4. Prizes and Competitions
  5. Scholarships and Grants for studying.
  6. Associativity
  7. Sexuality and Healthy Living Habits
  8. European Programs
  9. Dwelling
  10. Local Activities